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Do You Find Glasses Sexy? Take Our Glasses Fetish Survey and Help Science!


Dear readers (man or woman),


We are a group of scientists from Sweden and Italy doing research on sexuality. Many sensitive issues in sexuality are poorly understood, mostly due to lack of research. To partly remedy this, we do research on "fetishism", broadly defined as sexual preferences that are both fairly strong and not very common.  No moral judgment is implied: we simply view fetishism as one expression of human sexuality.


We post here to advertise a survey that targets people who are sexually aroused by a partner or potential partner wearing EYEGLASSES/SPECTACLES. To take the survey, click on the link below. It will take at most 20 minutes to complete the survey. We offer a substantial privacy guarantee: no sensitive data will be monitored or stored at our site, only the answers you explicitly provide.


To take the survey click:



It would also be of value for our research if you could tell other people about our initiatives, or give us hints about how to reach a wider audience. The email address in this message is valid, and you can use it to communicate with us.


On behalf of the whole research team research team, thank you for supporting research on sexuality!


Hanna Aronsson
Graduate Student
Department of Zoology
Stockholm University


The Internet Sex Survey Initiative




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