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[x] hey everyone, this is a community for anyone emo or anyone who likes cute accessories [x]

you shud deff. be a member of this community if you..
[x] like/have dorky *emo* glasses
[x] listen to emo music
[x] loves cute hair clips
[x] wears lots of bracelets
[x] is very emotional
[x] likes to post in communities
[x] loves going to concerts and shows
[x] likes underground music

1. *DONT* hurt or make fun of anyone
2. *DONT* accuse people of being posers
3. JusT haVE fuN! =D
the maintaner of this community is- d0rkling

if you have any ?'s email me or IM me =D
mail- xjennuhx@hotmail.com
AIM- d0rkeee iSh

peesh out! *n please join! =]

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